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What to Expect During Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Miami FL, Dr. Doralio Millan, Miami FL

Do you need a root canal in the Miami area? At Premier Dental Solutions, we make root canal treatment more accurate and comfortable than ever.

Root canal therapy often gets a bad reputation for being painful. In most cases, root canal therapy will not feel any different than having a simple filling. We make sure of it! Anesthetic medication and techniques have come a long way. Dr. Doralio Millan is gentle and makes sure you are completely comfortable during treatment.

If you ever feel uncomfortable, just say, “ah” and we will make adjustments to ensure comfort.

Many people say they do not like the sounds at the dental office. We understand! You are welcome to wear headphones during your treatment to make it easier for you! Listen to your favorite music while you have your dentistry.

We will clear away any infection inside your tooth and then seal it for the healing process, using a temporary restoration. 

Next, we will schedule a follow-up exam in about two weeks, leaving some time for your body to heal. We place medication inside your tooth to aid in eliminating bacteria and infection so that your body’s natural defenses can take over.

At your follow-up exam, we will discuss a permanent restoration to protect your tooth. Often, after a root canal, your tooth can be more susceptible to fracture. In some cases, we can place a tooth-colored filling to protect your tooth, but in other cases, a dental crown may provide the type of protection you need. Either way, we will provide you with a permanent restoration to seal your tooth.

You might be wondering why it is so important to save your natural tooth. Avoiding extractions is the best way to protect your health and often the least expensive way to maintain the appearance and function of your smile.