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Wisdom Teeth Surgery with Nitrous Oxide in Miami FL

Wisdom Teeth Surgery MiamiFor some patients, wisdom teeth (third molars) grow in and never cause a problem. Whether or not you will have a problem will depend upon such factors as the size of your jaw, how much space you have for wisdom teeth, and how your wisdom teeth grow in. 

Unfortunately, wisdom teeth often cause problems. They can grow at odd angles, pushing against other teeth and causing discomfort. Some never erupt at all and create problems with your bite. They are highly prone to decay because of their location at the back of your jaw, which makes them difficult to keep clean.

We invite you to our office for a third molar evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Almost a rite of passage, having your wisdom teeth removed in your late teens is quite common. Wisdom teeth can cause your other teeth to shift, creating overcrowding and overlapping and leading to decay, gum disease, and occlusal (bite) problems. Many offices quickly refer you to an oral surgeon specialist for your surgery. Dr. Millan offers wisdom teeth surgery in the comfort of our Miami, FL, dental office.

Wisdom Tooth Removal MiamiWe will take diagnostic images to determine the best course to protect your oral health and discuss your treatment options. You may choose to have all or some of your wisdom teeth removed in one visit. Dr. Millan has the experience and gentle touch to give you a positive experience and to avoid complications during the healing process. 

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Are you nervous about the removal of your wisdom teeth? We have resources to help you feel calm and relaxed! Nitrous oxide, often referred to as "laughing gas," is the mildest form of sedation available in dentistry. When you are completely relaxed, your procedure will go more smoothly and you will experience greater comfort.

We administer nitrous oxide through a face mask mixed with oxygen and control the levels with the turn of a lever. It enters your system quickly and leaves just as quickly so you aren't groggy later.

When performed properly, wisdom tooth removal can be a stress-free experience. When under the skilled care of our experienced team, you will have a positive outcome.

Before you leave our office, we will discuss your post-surgical care and schedule any follow-up visits, if necessary, so we can monitor your recovery.

Call Today for an Exam

To learn if you could benefit from having your wisdom teeth removed, contact Premier Dental Solutions to schedule your next dental exam with Dr. Doralio Millan. Addressing any concerns you have now can prevent future dental problems.

Our entire team looks forward to providing you with outstanding dental care and a comfortable and beautiful smile.