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BOTOX Cosmetic in Miami FL

Many patients don’t realize that BOTOX is useful for more than just cosmetic purposes. BOTOX can provide relief from common dental and medical conditions, as well. At Premier Dental Solutions, we offer BOTOX as a treatment option for both cosmetic and medical needs.

Botox Cosmetic Treatment MiamiBOTOX Cosmetic Treatment

When people think of BOTOX Cosmetic, images of frozen faces and cosmetic treatments come to mind. BOTOX, however, is a more subtle treatment than you might first imagine. It works by relaxing the underlying muscles in your face. By relaxing the underlying muscles, it can reduce or eliminate deep and medium wrinkles caused by our habitual facial expressions.

One of the most common cosmetic uses of BOTOX includes eliminating the “angry eleven” between your eyebrows often caused by concentration or computer work. The deep wrinkles can make you look angry, even when you are happy and relaxed. By injecting small amounts of BOTOX Cosmetic into those muscles, you can have a smoother appearance and less facial tension.

Other areas commonly treated with BOTOX Cosmetic include around the corners and under your eyes or around your smile lines. 

Express Yourself

Receiving BOTOX injections will not leave you expressionless! The treatment is subtle and will gently relax your muscles but will not leave you with an unnatural appearance. You will still be able to laugh, smile, and show the world how you feel with a completely functional face. Dr. Millan is skilled at placing the BOTOX injections in the correct dosage so that you achieve your desired results, but still look like yourself.

Dental Botox Miami FLMedical and Dental Uses for BOTOX Cosmetic

In addition to the cosmetic uses that you can enjoy from BOTOX Cosmetic, we can also use it to relieve facial tension, headaches, migraines, and to reduce clenching and grinding.

Facial tension – Because we often stare at computers, smart phones, and tablets, facial tension is common and can cause headaches and muscle soreness or fatigue. By using BOTOX in your forehead and other strong facial muscles, we can help to reduce the tension you experience from day to day and provide you with relief.

Headaches and migraines – Because your head uses dozens of muscles to function and to provide your face with its shape, it makes sense that those muscles can become sore just like any muscle. Sometimes that soreness can translate into head and neck pain. Injecting BOTOX into key muscles can provide relief without daily doses of anti-inflammatory medication. BOTOX can provide life-changing results for migraine sufferers.

Clenching and grinding – Many patients clench and grind (or brux) their teeth subconsciously in their sleep, but posturing and grinding during the day is also a common problem. Bruxism can cause cracked and worn teeth and well as jaw joint degeneration when allowed to go untreated. Your jaw muscles exert an enormous amount of force. By using BOTOX in your jaw muscles, you can experience relief from those symptoms, prevent cracked teeth, and still enjoy the foods you love to eat!

Is BOTOX Cosmetic Right for You?

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